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Bestiary of Love

Friday 14 Feb 2020
Vinicio Capossela at the Union Chapel, Islington.

‘But in the furrows of the new effort “Bestiary of love”, on the market today, the “werewolf songwriter” who emerges from the most hidden ravines of the Cúpa to dispense mottos and words of truth loosens the bridle to the minnesänger that is in him using the zoological metaphor of the last album “Ballads for men and beasts” to unite like a fourteenth-century troubadour “minne”, love, and “sang”, singing.’

Vinicio Capossela: “L’amore, unico antidoto alla peste” ANDREA SPINELLI, Il Giorno Milano, 14 February 2020.
Medieval Rabbit
Wikimedia Commons

Google translating a Milanese … more ...

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